Here you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the event, divided into categories.

Visitors FAQs


Q: What time does the event start and finish?

A: The event runs from 10am to 5pm. The car park at Anstey Park is open from 9am to 6pm so that you can arrive early to watch or photograph the exhibits arriving or have breakfast at one of the outlets on site.


Q: Can I bring my dog to the event?

A: Yes, dogs are welcome in Anstey Park. Please be a responsible dog owner and clear up after your dog, bins for dog waste are provided in Anstey Park. You will only be able to take your dog on the free bus services if the driver / conductor agrees. (Assistance dogs will be carried on all the free bus services).


Q: Do you have disabled parking?

A: Yes, disabled parking for vehicles displaying valid blue badges is available at Anstey Park. This is located in the main car park on the field next to the vehicle display area and is clearly signposted. However, please note that due to the size of the event it covers a large area, approximately 250 metres / yards in length and width, most of which is on grass.


Q: Can wheelchairs be accommodated on the Free Bus Services?

A: Unfortunately most of the buses used on the free bus services are historic vehicles that were built before the concept of wheelchair accessible buses was conceived, so they do not have a wheelchair space or ramp and they have steps and poles which wheelchairs are unable to negotiate. However, any journeys scheduled to be operated by wheelchair accessible buses will be shown accordingly in the timetables contained in the event programme.


Q: Can pushchairs be accommodated on the Free Bus Services?

A: Folded pushchairs can be carried on the free bus services at the driver / conductor's discretion and subject to there being space available. Pushchairs must be folded before boarding the vehicle.

Unfolded pushchairs cannot be carried on the free bus services as the buses used are historic vehicles that were built before the concept of accessible buses was conceived and they don't have pushchair space ('buggy bays') and have steps and poles to negotiate in order to enter the vehicle. However, pushchairs may be left, at your own risk, in the designated 'Pushchair Parking Area' next to 'Rally Control' at Anstey Park Bus Station.


Q: How much do the Free Bus Services cost to travel on?

A: Nothing, they are free to travel on. However we do hope that you will support the event by purchasing a programme. The event costs a lot of money to organise and unless we cover the costs the event won't be held in future years.


Q: Where are the best places to take photographs of the vehicles?

A: For volume of vehicles it is in Anstey Park and the roads outside the park. For buses on the Free Bus Services the route between Anstey Park, the Railway Station and The Butts in Alton is the busiest section. For those more unusual or photogenic shots there are numerous Free Bus Services that run through picturesque countryside and villages. It is usually possible for passengers to take pictures of the buses at the termini of the Free Bus Services. Timetables for all of the Free Bus Services being operated, together with details of the vehicles entered, are contained in the event programme available to purchase on the day of the event from Anstey Park and Alton Station.


Q: Can I have a barbecue or fire at the event?

A: No, barbecues and fires are not permitted anywhere in Anstey Park.


Q: Can I fly a drone at the event?

A: No, the flying of drones is not permitted in Anstey Park.

Vehicle Entrants FAQs


Q: What time should I arrive with my vehicle exhibit?

A: Vehicle exhibits can arrive from 08:00. If possible please arrive before the event opens to the public at 10:00. However we realise that some of you have a long distance to travel in a slow vehicle so if you cannot get there for 10:00 it is not a problem.


Q: I haven't entered my vehicle exhibit in advance, can I just turn up on the day?

A: It depends on the type of vehicle.

Cars - No, all car exhibits must be entered in advance of the event.

(Unfortunately due to the large number of car entries that we now receive it has regrettably become necessary to limit the number of car entries to the event and cease to accept on the day car entries).

All other vehicles - Yes, subject to meeting the conditions on the entry form. Please print an entry form from the website, fill it out and hand it in when you arrive at the event. Alternatively turn up on the day and fill out an entry form when you arrive.


Q: Can we park our vehicle exhibits together?

A: Generally yes if they are in the same vehicle class* and you follow the following advice. Exhibits are parked by vehicle class* in the order that they arrive on site. Therefore if you wish to park your exhibits together please arrange to meet off site and arrive together.

*The letter prefix to the entry number denotes the vehicle class. There are different classes for each type of vehicle.

Stall Holders FAQs


Q: What time should I arrive with my sales stand?

A: Stall holders can arrive from 07:00. Your stall must be set up and ready to trade when the event opens to the public at 10:00.


Q: I haven't entered my sales stand in advance, can I just turn up on the day?

A: No, all sales stands must be booked in advance of the event. The number and types of sales stands are strictly controlled to try to ensure that all stall holders should be able to enjoy a successful days trading. It is also advisable to book your sales stand in as early as possible as pitches sell out early most years.

Miscellaneous FAQs


Q: Can I hire one of your buses for a private party, wedding or other occasion?

A: No, the Alton Bus Rally & Running Day does not own any buses itself. Companies that hire buses and coaches, whether vintage or modern vehicles, are listed in publications like 'Yellow Pages' and the online version Alternatively you can search for companies that hire buses in your area by using an Internet Search Engine. Also see question and answer below.


Q: Can I hire one of the vintage buses that comes to the event?

A: Yes, some of them are available to hire. Below is a list of bus and coach operators that have vintage buses and/or coaches for hire who's vehicles regularly appear at the event:

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